Alumni Odyssey

Unlocking the Secrets of Yesterday!

Trailblazers, get ready for a thrilling adventure that blends knowledge, networking, and the quest for hidden treasures. The 'Alumni Odyssey' is just around the corner, and we have an exciting itinerary for you:

📅 Day 1 & 2 (Nov 4th - Nov 5th): Alumni TechConnect

Join us online as we dive into intriguing discussions on AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud & DevOps, and Cybersecurity Frameworks. Our alumni will share their insights, and you can get answers to your academic doubts and placement queries. As you engage in our “Alumni TechConnect”, keep your ears tuned to the clues whispered by our alumni. This will be your compass for an exhilarating head start in the treasure hunt, where the path to victory unfolds.

🌐 Online Platform: Microsoft Teams
🕒 Schedule:
1️⃣ Topic : CSF - Nov 4th - 6 PM
2️⃣ Topic : CCVT & DevOps - Nov 5th - 12 PM
3️⃣ Topic : AI, BigData & Data Science - Nov 5th - 3 PM

📅 Day 3 (Nov 6th): Hunt the Treasure

Gear up for an unforgettable treasure hunt on our Bidholi campus. Work in teams, decode clues, and uncover hidden treasures. It's a day of teamwork, adventure, and exhilaration.

🗺️ Venue: UPES Bidholi Campus

Don't miss this epic journey where every day unfolds new experiences and possibilities. We can't wait to share this thrilling adventure with you! See you there!